Since the early 1900′s Rolls Royce has been held in high esteem as the most sought after luxury car of it’s time. We owe the collaboration of Henry Royce, an engineer and Charles Royce, a business man, a standing ovation for giving us generations of prestige and excellence. The six cylinder car of 1907 broke every rule with ground breaking speed, performance and the quality of the engineering. The Rolls Royce has made the road a new experience that for some people, is still waiting to be discovered. Today a Used Rolls Royce holds as much value and excellence as a new Rolls but with a much cheaper price tag.At Sytner automotive their passion for luxury vehicles is evident the minute you visit their website or location. Being the United Kingdom’s leading luxury dealership is no easy feat but Sytner does it with ease and perfection as they showcase their impressive line up of new and pre owned automobiles. With Sytner you will pay well below retail price for a Used Rolls Royce but you will not sacrifice qulaity which is the true meaning of value. Every used car listed at Sytner undergoes a full body inspection to ensure you will receive nothing less than what you deserve. A full description is given to you for each Rolls Royce you choose to select.Sytner has two of the most popular makes of the Rolls Royce in their inventory, the Ghost and the Phantom. A Used Rolls Royce at Sytner can start at 119,000 euros and depending on the make and the amount of mileage can go up to 270,000 euros. The 2007 Phantom Saloon 4 door Used Rolls Royce with leather interior costs 139,000 euros not a bad price for fully loaded luxury car. The 2011 Ghost Saloon with 1 mile and black leather interior is going for 225,000 euros.Financing is available for all automobiles through Sytner along with all maintenance. It is time to become an owner of more than just a car. When you own a Rolls Royce new or used, you are taking charge of your status in life. Don’t settle for second drive a Rolls Royce.

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