Car hire is a huge business in the UK to be involved with. There is a very good reason for lots of people being involved in it, simply because it offers value to people. car hire in the uk is something that can be useful to everyone, but also be a great way to save money. There are other ways to get around though, but are they better overall?


Trains, buses and taxis, they are great aren’t they? Well, they are for people that don’t really mind how much they pay for transport, or don’t mind what time they get to their destination. They do not offer flexibility in any way at all. Car hire in the UK is extremely flexible, as people can go where they want, when they want. The only extra cost for extra journeys is going to be fuel. Late night excursions are certainly going to be off the agenda. Trains start to run fewer services and most buses will have stopped by around 11pm, which could leave people stranded.


The cost of car rental is certainly not minimal, that is for sure. That being said, nor is the cost of train tickets, bus fare, or even rides in taxis. Put 3-4 journeys together and it soon adds up. Add that to the fact that a lot of people might be travelling in a group. If the group combined their 3-4 journeys and multiplied the amount of people that travelled, this would probably be a healthy sum. The reality is that they could probably have rented a car for the same price or less, and saved a lot of time and hassle in the process.

Long Distance Travelling

The two points above are generally related to short journeys, let’s say, 10 miles or less. Any journey that is longer than this, the car really is the best option. A bus journey of 25 miles for instance could take 2 hours or more. Thinking about going further than 25 miles on a bus? The chances are you will have to chance onto a couple of different services and the time will simply continue to increase. Longer train journeys of around 30-50 miles or more can also increase in price rapidly, which soon makes renting a car much more appealing!

These are just a few of the basic things to consider when it comes to deciding whether or not to use car rental, or public transport.


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