Kokpar is THE sport in Central Asia.


Watching a game of kokpar is like one of the defining experiences of spending time in Central Asia. This traditional game, played on horseback between two teams who spend the entire two halves of play fighting over the carcass of a goat that has been killed and stuffed and sewed up where his head once was. This game is not for the faint of heart, to be sure, and while I have definitely seen worse things while traveling I think many of my friends and family from home would be aghast to see it in person if they were here visiting me during a kokpar tournament! 

How To Buy Bespoke Wardrobes In London


Sliding door wardrobes

They have very sleek and stylish to choose from. Paolo Marchetti offer two types of sliding door wardrobes. These are: note-born and screen-flex sliding door wardrobes. These two types are designed with different specifications to suit varied styles, tastes, budgets and preferences. They are very classic and maximizes the use of available space in terms of height, width and length. They can also be used to create a small living area in a larger room, to separate larger rooms, and create additional storage space in any room. They provide an attractive and strange design feature, and come in variety of best materials, finishes and colors. They have built in components which makes it easier to fit them into different sizes and shapes such as slopping roofs.

The beauty about Bespoke Wardrobes London is that they offer a wide range of furniture that serve most of the customer needs. This is because they are made with different sizes, styles, colors, shapes, finishes,materials, and fixtures & fittings. This makes a customer have an almost infinite choice of the best wardrobe to purchase. The wardrobes are made of different materials such as: glass, mirror, wood, steel, highly polished lacquer, and artificial leather among others.

The flexibility of these wardrobes to fit in different rooms with different shapes and sizes is an added advantage. They are very convenient to use. This aspect is ensured because of the best craftsmanship used to produce quality furniture in Europe. To add on that, the materials are long lasting, technically made and robust. Paolo Marchetti company uses a qualified staff of professional designers to give out the best in its designs. Therefore, if you are a home owner, make a date to acquire quality furniture that suits your needs.

Good For Them (And Us) – Thurs August 28, 2014


I just hopped on the Internet first thing to check my email and noticed a news story which claimed that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got secretly married recently, which was pretty cool. The main reason, being that we and mainly I didn’t have to be subjected to the whole, ‘when are they going to get married?’ and ‘what is the wedding ceremony going to be like?, etc, etc, etc and all the endless speculation articles. But now we will be subjected to ‘what was the ceremony like’ questions, but I can just tune those out.

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Shamsi canyon was a little disappointing!


The shamsi canyon is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful hiking destinations in Kyrgyzstan. This is several hours from Bishkek, the capital city of the country, and so of course I was expecting pretty great things as a reward for making the drive all the way out from Bishkek to there. Once we arrived in the are,a however, I was actually a little bit disappointed! Not that it wasn’t pretty – it totally was. But it wasn’t anything nearly as special as what I had been lead to expect by so many people talking about it for the past few months as I’ve been exploring the valleys around Bishkek!

Great Things To Do In South America


Mount Roraima, South America

Mount Roraima is a tepui (the largest tabletop mountain found only in South America) and is considered one of the most ancient, most vertical, bizarre, and highest of its kind in the world! This large block of rock is history itself! Click here to find out more about great places in South America.

Nazca, Peru

Trekking the great plains of Nazca is as ordinary as it gets, but if you ride a plane, I dare you to look down. Ancient Geoglyphs built by Nazcans over a hundred years ago will look back at you. Some speculations points out that these figures were made so that the eye of God can see it. X-files dude!

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

IF the Endless “salt” plain of Salar de Uyuni doesn’t strike you as surreal, wait ‘til it rains and you’re standing on the world’s biggest mirror! “NO, you’re not dead, this isn’t heaven.”

Various of Options


It is not often that professional roofers Toronto are asked to roof flat roofs, but did you know there are four kinds of flat roofs.  There is the BUR which is traditional tar and gravel built from three or more piles of waterproof material alternated with hot tar and then a layer of smooth river stone. What will you do with all these different options? It can be a rather difficult choice for most especially if you are not aware of the various options that are out here in today’s roofing market. Speak to a professional roofer today to get educated now.

"The Car Repair Rochester NY Diaries"


Hi! To start with, allow us to thank you for seeing the car repair Rochester NY blog where distinct articles, pictures, videos, and links have now been painstakingly collected and made accessible just for folks and the many others who share exactly the same interest. We are assured you can locate the topic all right here, whatever info about it you may require. The boring task of locating other sources will not be necessary. In this site, you’ll locate a lot new resources that you might not have known before. Just continue reading and browsing through the posts like the one below. Having an auto dealership handle the repairs of your car will be expensive. Because of the high price, customers should make certain that they are getting the appropriate value for their money. The automobile mechanic/technician should take some time to correctly diagnose and troubleshoot your car difficulties. On top of this, they should have components at least ready to be delivered on call or ready to be used. The parts must also be of high quality. The car dealer staff should be able to check that the car has been repaired completely. An excellent auto dealership should offer you a warranty for all the repairs they have performed.

Check out T. M. Street


Have you ever been told about the services of T. M. Street? If this is the first time you are hearing about this company, there is no doubt that you are curious to learn more about it. So, why don't you visit the official website of this company and see what services you can get? All I will tell you is that it's thanks to these guys that I have a great water heater. I will always remember the day when my water heater broke and a friend told me about T. M. Street. It was probably the best advice I could get back then.

Have your best holiday


So let's say that you are still thinking about how you should spend your holiday. If that is the case, I suggest that you visit an interesting travel related site that will inform you about a company named Mountain Kingdoms. In fact, I am sure that there is no better company when it comes to organizing walking or trekking holidays. Just take a look at some of the destinations that are offered and you will realize that the guys are dedicated to meeting all your needs and making sure that you spend the best holiday of your life. So, do not hesitate to check them out.

Online Sales At Car Dealerships


Confirmed preowned utilized autos keep on being the place the cash is for dealerships. Edges may be getting slimmer yet these vehicles are still mainstream with purchasers not eager to use bigger aggregates of cash for new autos. Ensured preowned utilized autos are additionally well known with producers as they are a methods towards creating brand devotion. Online offers of units evaluated between $4,000 to $6,000 developed by about 15% year-over-year. That number alludes to deals at utilized auto dealerships. It’s an intriguing fact on the grounds that it demonstrates more dealerships are getting into offering less-extravagant utilized auto. At used car dealerships in Charlotte NC, you’ll learn a lot when it comes to buying a pre-owned car.